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See what some of his customers have to say about the incredible work that Jason Bond Picks does. He takes a very realistic approach that is profit-driven. Jason has been a full-time trader for severn years, after making the decision back in January 2012. He is passionate about helping others learn more about trading while providing guidance on some of the market’s biggest secrets for success.

Since launching the Raging Bull Trading program alongside co-founder Jeff Bishop, Jason Bond has had the opportunity to train over 10,000 paid members on the art of trading and the stock market. He currently holds the #1 stock advisory service with the popular trading review website, Trust Pilot. Learn more about some of the biggest success stories in trading through Raging Bull Trading, Jason Bond Picks, and Millionaire Roadmap.

I started with Jason Bond Picks at the beginning of Jan19, 2018, when it hit me hard. I lost my job Dec 11th because the local government shut our company down. I had no money by the time January came except $300. I spent $297 to sign up for Jason’s course. I have been learning a lot about trading and want to turn this into my daily job. I was able to get $1000. Signed up for an E*TRADE account and as of today Feb 22, 2019 my account is at $7735.00 Thank you Jason!

Rob K.

After 20 years of bad advice, and with only a few weeks of proper instruction from Jason Bond Picks, I am making money on the stock market. Instead of the “buy and hold forever” program, and possibly earning 5 to 10 percent per year, I am now making 5 to 10 percent per week on my investments. Oftentimes more than 10 percent. His program is simple, consistent, and well presented. The only difficult part is unlearning all the old bad habits.


As a beginner trader I was completely lost, and losing money hand over fist before joining Jason Bonds Picks. Now, I consistently make profits while using methods that I learned from his service. This service is not for those wishing to blindly mimic someone else’s trades as that is not why Jason does what he does. Use this service to learn how to trade and you will be more than satisfied with the results.

Ronald H.

“I started with Jason Bond Picks one month ago, and already see improvements in my trading. This week I entered the NBEV trade, bought 2,000 shares and sold all for a $3,430 profit. I’m stoked to be a new member.”

Matt L.

“Now I’m feeling much more relaxed about my financial future, which is better for my health.

Maybe we should call it “Dr. Bond Picks?”

Mark P.

“Ive learned so much from JasonBondPicks! I was mind blown in how easy stock trading can be if you take the time to learn his strategies. No regrets in joining the service.”

Alexis A.

“After looking around, and trying other stock groups, I decided to go with Jason Bond’s MRM. My reason was simple. Jason, Jeff, and Nate showed upfront everything they were trading live. They also took time to help me one on one.”

S. Chase

“I love how he shows you his entire logical thought process in great detail. I too am a former school teacher, so somehow that made Jason more credible to me.”

Mark M.

“I really liked Jason’s enthusiasm, his credibility, and his easy-to-follow teaching methods. So I signed up, and dove head first into his system, and the JBP online community.”

Thomas W.

Jason Bond Picks simply delivers as promised and much more. I highly recommend the service and the education.


“I am very new to trading, but Jason’s training is brilliant i’ve learnt a lot from it so far, keep doing what you are doing Jason, your training is changing lives.”

Mike T.

“It is everything that Jason says that it is. You sure can not say that there is no training or live trading going on with the different trainers, Jason being the one I watch the most. There are DVD, online courses, and the chat room, study and take notes, that is what I am doing right now, I will be ready real soon to improve my financial wealth. I believe them all to be honest and truly wanting you to be successful.”

Danny H.

Jason Bond Picks is totally awesome! Love the man and his product. Jason Bond is an excellent trader with a 10 year teaching background before launching the very successful Jason Bond Picks.

Walt M.

Jason is honest,knowledgeable, and thorough. Great lessons and great communication. As a fellow educator, he uses a teacher’s philosophy to ensure clients learn and aspire to be better. I’m thankful to him and his commitment to change lives at an affordable price. Thanks, Jason!


My family purchased a subscription and have never regretted it, we have learned so much and made gains we never thought we could. Thank you Mr. Bond.

William M.

Worth every penny! Jason has a great service, his picks are spot on. I paper traded his picks for a month before I traded real money. Most of the picks are repeat buys so as you follow these same stocks you begin to see patterns. You also get a lot of videos that show how to find stocks on your own. I think it is a great way to learn to pick winners by a Winner!

Kevin H.

Jason Bond is an excellent Trader and teacher. He always has a solid watch list for you to check out and you know what trades he makes personally and when he makes them. I’ve made quite a bit of money learning his strategies & methods. I recommend this program to anyone looking to break out and get to that next level. The best trainers Raging Bull has to offer were once clients, and learned from Jason Bond.

David C.

Jason Bond is the master of trading. His trading rules has made me profit in Stock market for the first time in my life. He has changed my life. Thanks Jason. Someday I hope to meet you.


RagingBull.com has a group of traders that know what they are talking about. I still have a long way to go, but I’m getting there with their guidance. I’m a beginner in the stock market and this service is what i would and will recommend to people.

Justin W.

Great service from Jason Bond, Jeff Bishop, Nathan, Taylor and the Raging Bull team. I have learned a ton from the service – excellent analysis of the markets and looking forward to great profits from a world class team! Thank you Jason Bond Picks for everything you do for us!


I’ve been following some of Jason Bond Pick’s trades and the strategy is started to take root in my thinking and understanding. Looking forward to getting into the simulated trading and finally pulling the trigger. The teaching method and instruction is impeccable and easy to follow. Not yet actively trading but I am thankful to have discovered Jason’s excellent program. Thank you Jason Bond Picks for your willingness to share your knowledge. 

Jeff W.

Jason Bond Pick’s service is second to none. Total transparency and education that is to the point and direct. Easy to understand and help that is only a phone call away. Thank you Jason!

John S.

I just subscribed to Jason Bond Pick’s Day and Swing Trading Service and I am amazed with his service! Jason provides opportunities to make money, delivered to my cell phone in the form of texts and emails, letting me know what stocks he’s buying and why. I know I’m in good hands with Jason, and am looking forward to making some much needed money this year to start doing the things I want to do in life. Thank you Jason!

Scott W.

The education that Jason Bond Picks offers is priceless as well as his live trading. The goal is not to follow every trade, but to watch, evaluate and decide if that trade meets your criteria. Watching and listening to the psychology behind the trade is where the true gold is at. He’s very transparent on wins and losses. I highly recommend Millionaire Roadmap and the education that Jason delivers.

Devin G.

Jason Bond Picks is a step above other online trading sites simply because Bond himself knows how to teach. I recommend this online trading system for anyone interested in learning more about day trading. Even complete beginners will find a comfortable home here.

Brian J.

I have used quite a few services over the years and I have not found a better service than Jason Bond. He has excellent educational materials to learn from (over 50 educational trading videos and counting). His customer service is excellent and you feel that Jason really has your best interest at heart and is doing everything he can to make you money. It’s a good feeling making money just about every week, where I had been losing money for a couple years trying to figure it out on my own.

Robert W.

Jason Bond Picks is ideal for people who are independent traders or who want to learn to become swing or day traders. Jason has created an amazing array of training videos to learn how to trade like he does. Jason also has a well updated blog that he publishes picks and strategies to on a daily basis. We have personally seen gains of over 100% on the daily watch list he publishes. In our opinion Jason Bond Picks is one of the best stock trading newsletters for the money. 

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The gratification is absolutely stellar.. Be it a $50 winner or a $5,000 winner, when you’re able to read what’s happening at a particular moment and predict what happens next – and nail it.. there’s no other feeling like it in the world.

Devin Dillard

I’m subscribed to several of the RagingBull services and am learning from Jeff Bishop, Jason Bond, Kyle Dennis, Keith and Sandman. They all have different trading styles, but I feel like I have learned from all of them. They are great!

Jeanette Hartis

I love getting multiple points of view from traders with a proven track record of success. Jason Bond of Jason Bond Picks, Jeff Bishop and Petra help me see and learn new trading techniques. 

Pradeep Bheda