Frequently Asked Questions

Jason Bond Picks

Learn more about what Jason Bond Picks is, and how it can help you find long-term success in the stock market. 



What Is Jason Bond Picks?

Jason Bond Picks was originally created by Jason Bond, who is a professional trader and successful leader. Upon becoming a member of Jason Bond Picks, members will get training from Jason Bond himself on the 3-step process that he used to pay off his student debt that he still uses today. Additionally, members will be granted access to up to 10 trades per week, all of which are personally chosen and recommended by Jason. The program helps individuals find success within the stock market by providing access to Jason’s recommendations and educational resources.

What Is Day Trading?

Day trading is a form of trading that is typically purchased and sold within the same business day. One of the largest differences between day trading and stock trading is the timeframe that the transaction is completed in. Additionally, because of the quick rate that day trading takes place in, the securities will typically cost less than standard stocks, making day trading an appealing option for beginners. While the low cost makes day trading attractive, it is important to have a strong baseline understanding of trading before beginning, to reduce the risk of losing your investment.

What Is Options Trading? How Is It Different From Day Trading?

Options trading has a few distinct differences from day trading that one should have a basic understanding of. An option refers to a contract stating that they can buy or sell a security, or stock, up until a listed date within the contract. Unlike day trading, which typically is completed in the same day, options trading have a more flexible timeline that is chosen by the trader. In other words, options trading can move as quick as day trading, but will likely follow a different path.

What Is The Three-Step Process That You Take With Jason Bond Picks?

Jason Bond Picks uses a simple, three-step process in his approach to trading. As part of the program, Jason will teach his process, giving others the opportunity to make money through trading.

Dial in On 7 Core Video Lessons
When first beginning, members will be introduced to a variety of videos on trading that they can watch. These seven videos will provide detailed instructions on the stock market, and how it works. This knowledge is the ideal starting place within Jason Bond Picks.

Jump start Each Day With Jason Bond’s Daily Watchlist Primer
As students begin to learn more about the stock market and how it works, they will receive access to daily “primers,” or the recommendations that Jason has within the market at that time.

Get Real-Time Traders Alerts
Lastly, Jason Bond Picks offers a real-time trade alert system that can be used for both text messages and emails. Jason keeps a close watch on the market, and sends out any new updates or important shifts in the market itself. This can help reduce lost investments.

What Is Swing Trading?

To give a basic overview, swing trading refers to a form of trading where a trader can hold time, between one to five days, for a stock to swing up or down in value. Like day trading, swing trading generally has a smaller time frame, so it is important to keep a close eye on the market, particularly for any big shifts in direction. When done correctly, a trader is capable of attaining success through patience and focus.

What Is The Foundation?’s Foundation brings together members of’s community of active traders to share their trading profits with recognized charitable causes and philanthropic organizations. It was created in 2019 by Jason Bond of Jason Bond Picks and professional trader Jeff Bishop. Learn more about the Foundation. 

What Is Millionaire Roadmap?

This carefully crafted, universal blueprint to achieve financial independence has been passed onto countless others. It eliminates the “ceiling” of success and puts the power in your hands. It provides a fast track program to mastering trading, increasing your chances of success early in the program! Jason Bond Picks expanded to Millionaire Roadmap to increase access to trading success. Learn more about Millionaire Roadmap.