Jason Bond Picks Review – Read This Before Buying

ECommerce is growing more and more rapidly. And so is online trade. The internet has allowed people to work from their homes, whether it is to earn some extra cash or to derive their source income. The possibilities are vast. When one hears about online endeavors he starts to think that the opportunities available online would be much less demanding than those that require physical presence.

That is just a wild dream. Because even money earned through the internet requires efforts, time, attention and is challenging. Same goes for online stock trade. Where some people have to step into this field whilst continuing their actual jobs others hope that the whole thing would be somewhat easier. It is not. Internet trading calls for one to invest his sweat and blood. However, there is one way it can be made easier; Jason Bond Picks.

This is an online stock trading service that takes the hard work out of the whole deal. With this product one doesn’t have to constantly spend hours in front of his computer screen waiting for a trade opportunity to come up. The service doesn’t just offer day and swing trading services that include emails notifications, chats etc. but long-term trading services as well. Along with this, it also provides mentorship and training services for beginners and experts alike.

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Jason Bond Picks Review

Jason Bond Picks is an online trading service that sends out email and text notifications for online stock traders informing them of the trade offer just put up. The service comes in three different packages depending on the components offered by each. Not only that but it also is a training program in which individuals get to learn the a to z of online stock trading. These make one aware of the techniques that can be employed to gain an upper hand in online stock trading and make huge profits.

There is a watch list that gives one an insider scoop of how Jason Bonds plays the deal and how one can build hefty gains by just using intelligent tactics. Lots of trade ideas are given and one can even learn from the community of the program by engaging with people in chat rooms. There are training webinars as well and one can send out queries and questions too. The program is a convenient way to make it big when it comes to trading. However, which services one gets depends on the package he chooses.

The three packages of the program

This online program can be accessed from anywhere as it is online. Jason Bond Picks has three packages that differ based on the features they offer and the prices they come for. One can choose the package that he finds suitable. It must be noted though that the program is quite expensive. Below is a brief overview of all the three packages along with their qualities.

– Day and swing trading

This is the least expensive of the three packages and is for those individuals who are ready to commit to day and swing trades. For those who are determined to jump to their smartphones or laptops as soon as a day or swing trade opportunity pops up. The chatroom offers about ten to twenty intra-day trade notifications. The per day profit goal is of 500 dollars. There are from ten weekly swing trade alarms that provide an annual profit as huge as 100,000 dollars.

– Long-term trading

This trading package is for the people who lead hectic lives. For those who are too busy to commit to short-term trading offers but are up for making some big profits. The long-term trading newsletter offers a weekly combination of two swing trades plus three long-term trades. All alerts sent via email and text.

Millionaire Roadmap:

Finally, there is the Millionaire Roadmap that is a merge of all the features. It is a yearly package with direct access to the chatroom, mentorship webinars, and Jason Bond’s and Luke Murray’s live brokerage platforms. With it one also gains entry to the TopStockPicks ETF services which is specially for those individuals who are serious about online stock trading.

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Features of this program

There are several incredible qualities that this Jason Bonds Picks program boasts. Online stock trading is made convenient through the use of this program’s services. One isn’t required to stick to his computer screen and wait for trade offers to show up. The program works to provide alerts when there is some trade opportunity. One gets to learn a lot not just through the chatrooms but also from the creator of the program, the genius online stock trader himself.

There is a pool of ideas as one can track how others trade and learn from them. Additionally, there is always someone online so the chatroom can be a constant source of knowledge and inspiration. There is an affiliate program too; by inviting a few friends to check out this program one can get some cash. Since there are three packages one can easily choose one that suits his budget and his liking. The webinars offer mentorship for amateurs and experts alike.

The videos are explained in an easy to understand manner covering in detail all the concepts of online stock trading. Even the most complicated lessons are made easy as Jason was an elementary school teacher before he stepped into this business. The customer support offered is also excellent. For those who feel uncomfortable in forwarding their questions on the public platform can connect with Jason via email. What more could a person ask for?


With the growth of eCommerce and the increasing use of the internet to sort every matter, it doesn’t come off as a surprise that there are tons of online stock trading programs available. But not all of them are reliable. Jason Bond Picks is one of the few that a person can easily rely on without any hesitation. It is efficient in all ways and the most convenient as well.