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About Jason Bond

Jason Bond of Jason Bond Picks first started trading when he was still a high school gym teacher saddled with over $250,000 in debt at that time. Driven to free himself of that debt burden, he came to the stark realization that it would be extremely difficult to do that on a teacher’s salary and so looked into how to generate additional income to off that debt.

His search led Jason Bond to look into whether he could teach himself to become a trader in his spare time, and to use profits generated from that to pay off his debt and perhaps put a little extra aside. Fortunately Jason found a trading mentor in Jeff Bishop, the Founder of Raging Bull Trading. Through hard work, constant study, and Jeff’s patient guidance, Jason was able to apply the knowledge and the profits he gained from trading to repay all of that debt in full.

On January 1, 2012, Jason Bond made the decision to become a full time trader, and since then he has continued to grow in knowledge and profits from his trading, and enjoy what he refers to as “two profits” from trading; the profit of knowledge and financial profits from applying that knowledge. “I can, without a doubt, attribute all of my financial profits from trading to the commitment I made many years ago to the deep study of trading and how to apply it to profit from the markets.”

But Jason Bond’s style of trading is not only profit-driven, and he has developed a practical approach to risk in trading. While other traders are speculating about which way a volatile or shaky market will move, Jason is quite happy to wait until an optimal, risk-balanced opportunity presents itself. In fact it is this approach to trading that has allowed Jason to profit, but also to protect his investment capital while other traders saw theirs crash.

Jason Bond Picks

A teacher at heart, it wasn’t long before Jason Bond started showing friends, family, and even former teaching colleagues, how he became a successful trader. Over the last seven years Jason Bond has passed on the knowledge and experience he gained in trading by teaching thousands of students to become self-sufficient traders through his program, Jason Bond Picks. Although anyone would now consider Jason an experienced and successful trader, his reputation as a patient and perceptive mentor in his own right inspires the respect of his many students.

After co-founding Raging Bull Trading with Jeff Bishop in 2010, Jason Bond became a full-time trader and educator with the popular trading program. In 2011, he started Jason Bond Picks, which provides a comprehensive education of swing trading and the stock market. The program is offered to students through the Raging Bull program, and provides an insider view of Jason’s stock picks, as well as his own strategies for success as a professional trader. In 2019, Raging Bull Trading was named as one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in America, as part of the annual Inc. 5000 List. Raging Bull landed on the elite list after experiencing an impressive 465% in the last three years. 

After starting the program with Jeff Bishop, Jason Bond would prove that his strategy can bring significant success. Kyle Dennis, a fellow Raging Bull trader, was the first person in the program’s history to make $1 million in trading profits, earning him a strong reputation as an expert in biotech stock trading. Today, he also manages his biotech program, Biotech Breakouts.

One unique aspect of Jason Bond Pick’s transparent approach to teaching is that he gives his students a full view of what he is trading himself, using his own real money, and students are able to learn not only what Jason is trading, but why, and how. Jason even provides an unprecedented real time video feed to his actual real-money trading account.

Jason Bond and his students are proof that with the right mentor, and a deep, knowledge-based approach to trading, anyone can enjoy what Jason refers to as the “two profits” of trading; the profit of knowledge and the financial profit from that knowledge. In fact, trading with Jason Bond may be one of the most profitable fruits of studying and being mentored in the skills of effective trading.

“Rule #1: Never lose money. Rule #2: Don’t forget rule #1.” – Warren Buffett